10 Top Reasons To Pay For Speaking Opportunities To Become A Celebrity Expert

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Many companies that used to have a budget for speakers are now using people from within their organization or industry to talk about topics of relevance to their audiences, and there has been a trend towards event organizers offering stage or speaking time to experienced speakers who are willing to share the costs of the event through sponsorship or other mutually beneficial arrangements between the event host and the speaker who wants to promote their message or business.

1.  A Great Way To Get Started

Running events you can control the experience, marketing and schedule, and hone your skills.  Be clear on who your target market is and start building relationships.  Also consider paying to be a sponsor or speaker at events that have your target market.

Successful speakers are either marketing themselves, or have a team doing it for them.  Unless you’re a celebrity expert already, you’re going to have to invest your time, focus or budget to get known, so there’s a good case for investing to be one of the speakers at other’s events.

2. Access to Better Speaking Opportunities

There are events with large audiences, celebrity speakers, media and extensive marketing. Unless you’re known as one of the top experts in your industry or an established speaker your best bet is to seek out opportunities to sponsor, exhibit or invest in your time on stage to help you build your international speaking career faster.  Take pictures, video and make the most of it.  Make sure your presentation is well planned and compels the audience to connect.  At www.celebrityexperts.com you’ll find free trainings on this.

  1. Make a Lot More Money

With celebrity status you can be paid top dollar as a speaker.  But most speakers who actually work out the preparation, attendance and travel time, and the inconvenience of a schedule set to other people’s agenda’s, will see they actually aren’t being paid that much. Learn how to maximize your time on stage, interviews and online presentations and you can make impressive financial gains for your business.  Persuasive Presentations could make you a fortune, and turn you into an asset to many businesses.

  1. Greater Access to the Attendees

Being a sponsor/exhibitor at an event can give you days of face-to-face sales conversation opportunities.  You can get lucky and find you are one of a small number of booths.  Combine this with the power of being a memorable speaker at the event, and having your information printed forever in the event materials, and you’ll see that this is how to make the most of your time at a conference or event.

  1. Powerful Branding Opportunity

Many events are marketed for months before and after, take a lot of organizing and funding, and attract large amounts of people.  Look for events that are synergistic with your business, brand and target client base and see if they offer sponsorship, speaking, affiliate promotion or other ways you can get involved.  You can benefit from all the hard work and investment going into the event, with a fraction of the risk, work and cost, collect contacts, build your database, and leverage the relationship for years to come.

  1. Celebrity Attachment Opportunities

Many events feature Celebrity and Authority figure speakers, and as a fellow speaker and sponsor you have the opportunity to connect with them, be photographed with them, film videos together, set up interviews, tell them about your business, and use your association for as long as it makes sense to in your marketing.  The cost of sponsoring one event could be returned many times over in this way.

  1. Build Relationships with Event Hosts & Organizers

Be a supportive and professional sponsor or speaker and you could build long term, mutually rewarding relationships with companies and event organizers who may be hosting multiple events, and know others who are also booking speakers on a regular basis.  This is how successful speaking careers evolve, through relationships and showing up as an asset to their events.

  1. Build Relationships with Highly Targeted Audiences

Building up your own client or database can take years and cost a fortune, so who can you align with who already has your target audience?

  1. Advantage over your Competition

While your competitors are spending a fortune on advertising, PR or wondering how to get in front of their target market in today’s competitive market, you can be building your brand and getting in front of thousands of your target market in a way that’s very affordable and highly productive.  The great news is that the more you do this, the better you get at it.

  1. Generally A Tax Deductible Expense, and May Qualify For Grants

Don’t go to conferences and sit in the audience, when you could be on the stage being one of the presenters or at a booth meeting large numbers of attendees.  As a sponsor of an event you are generally more likely to qualify for government grants, tax deductions on more of your expenses, as well as all of the above, and sometimes a dollar saved is worth more than double a dollar earned!

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