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Is it time to Finally Be An Author, Build Your Celebrity or Thought Leadership? Join us at our regular events in Sydney, Australia where we collaborate to help you GET IT DONE while having FUN!

Learn Strategies, Ideas and action steps to help you Speak in Public, Write Your Book, Launch your Book and set yourself up as a winning Thought Leader to help attract premium clients on autopilot. In this event series we'll cover step-by-step how to build your celebrity marketing system . Your host is a 16+ times best-selling author and publisher! Other speakers will also share high value insider celebrity marketing secrets.

A great opportunity to meet wonderful like-minded people and make new friends and business contacts.


Speaking in Public is one of the most fun, profitable, liberating and great things we can do as entrepreneurs, and by also Authoring a Book, you make your brand even stronger and more compelling.

In our workshops we cover:

  • How to Speak with Confidence, overcome the nerves and win hearts.
  • Structuring your presentation, approach and how to sound wonderful.
  • Authoring your own wonderful book where you can attract high value customers.
  • Make more money, helping others and having fun.
  • How to tell your story in your own unique and compelling way.
  • Attract media to your wonderful cause so you get thousands of dollars of free airtime.
  • Position yourself as the industry Go-To Expert that everyone just loves.
  • FREE Strategies & Powerhouse Ideas in a high energy, fun and wonderful place to make new friends and network in style!

We love helping the business community and greatly appreciate you sharing the word about our workshops, inviting your friends and considering hiring us to help you . If you are a Business Owner on a mission, this may be perfect for you.

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