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How To Be A Celebrity Expert – Identify Your Target Market

Today, it’s time for me to continue my Celebrity Expert series (click here to read my introduction to that) by talking about something that every successful businessperson needs to know about. I’m talking, of course, about identifying your target market.

In today’s world, we can get to know more about our prospects and our target market than ever before thanks to technologies like Google and Facebook. But this is a double-edged sword, because there’s a good chance that your competitors are already taking advantage of those exact same tools.

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How To Be A Celebrity Expert – Define Your Why

In this article, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks from my book How To Be A Celebrity Expert with a goal helping you to define your why. So if you haven’t heard of my book, click here to get your copy of the book, and find out how you can join our community to get lots more great advice from branding and marketing experts.

Your “why” is the outcome that you deliver, and it’s usually based on both your ideal target market and your positioning as a thought leader. If you’re struggling with it, a great place to start is with Simon Sinek’s popular “Start With Why” TEDx Talk.

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How to Be a Celebrity Expert – Defining Your Life’s Purpose

In this article series I’m sharing tips and tricks from my new book How To Be A Celebrity Expert about how to build your powerful personal brand..

Today, we’re going to take a look at how to define your life’s purpose. There’s a chance that you already know what your life’s purpose is and, if so, congratulations – you’re off to a good start! But for many of us who are still not sure, this can seem like an overwhelming place to start the process of marketing your business.

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Introducing the Celebrity Expert Series

Congratulations: You’ve just taken the first step on a journey that’s going to change the way you think about business. This is the introduction to an epic 30 step action and implementation series that’s all about sharing my step-by-step system for increasing your earning power and exploding your business.

It’s the culmination of my 30 years of in-the-trenches experience of starting, growing and selling businesses. I’m also a best-selling author many times over, and that’s led me to where I am today. I help people just like you to find some clarity on their “Power Message” and to become a celebrity expert.

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Top 10 Reasons To Pay For Speaking Opportunities
To Become A Celebrity Expert

Many companies that used to have a budget for speakers are now using people from within their organization or industry to talk about topics of relevance to their audiences, and there has been a trend towards event organizers offering stage or speaking time to experienced speakers who are willing to share the costs of the event through sponsorship or other mutually beneficial arrangements between the event host and the speaker who wants to promote their message or business.

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How to Give Persuasive Presentations
Like Celebrity Experts

Knowing how to give persuasive presentations can transform your life, especially if you are already speaking in your business or career. If you can move your audience to take action or make lasting change, you become an extremely valuable asset.

It’s amazing how many speakers are giving presentations all over the world without taking the time to properly structure their presentations to best connect and give value to their audience. Think about how many terrible or boring presentations you’ve had to sit through, right?

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Using Guest Posting to Become A Celebrity Expert

If you’re an Author or Speaker, be aware of the importance of personal branding. The reputation that you build for yourself is one of your most valuable assets, and it’s what helps you to increase your speaking fees and get bigger crowds when booked for engagements.

Blogging can be a great way to establish thought-leadership and to build your online brand. If you’re not getting the results you’d like, the chances are that you’ve got the strategy wrong.

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Get Featured on Podcasts as a Celebrity Expert

In my last article, I covered guest blogging and gave you a few tips on getting your posts accepted by leading publications, and I’ll build on that subject today by looking at a different medium that uses similar tactics. I’m talking about honing your message by appearing on podcasts.

Podcasts are often overlooked as a marketing tool, but the truth is that they’re an underutilized utility and so it’s therefore easier to cut through the noise. Approximately nine million Americans listen to six or more podcasts every week, while over a quarter of American men have listened to a podcast in the last month.

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