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Sarah Joanne Pickering Testimonial

Lourdes Amoloria Testimonial

"I love what Cydney does. She is a true professional in this field. I am excited to have her as part of my publishing and promotions team. I have and will continue to recommend her team to my clients. Thanks, Cydney, you are a champ."

- Mark Robinson Author, Financial Educator, Founder "Winning The Wealth Game"

Rohan Chaudhari Testimonial

Ron Malhotra Testimonial

"I strongly recommend working with Cydney and her creative team for it has truly transformed my life. Working with Cydney brought me closer to achieving my purpose via my book and program more than anything ever could in my life. What took me 3 years to get started on my own was done with total ease within a few short months with Cydney's team. I am truly grateful to have the guidance and done for you approach from her team which allows me to focus on giving my best to the world. If you have a message to give the world then I strongly recommend her team of professionals to help you manifest your dream. I am eternally grateful for working with them, they have transformed my life and helped me transform the lives of many others." I hope you like that as it comes straight from my heart. My life is different today thanks to you and your team. Much blessings!"

- Dr Stephanie Kabonga Author & Motivational Speaker

Nicola Grace Testimonial

Celebrity Fast Track LA1 Justin Burns

"I have known Cydney for over 16 years and count her as one of my closest friends and colleagues. Her energy and new ideas never fail to brighten my day. Cydney is one of the most dynamic professionals I have met in my many years as a marketing and business professional. Her business is designed to help women become more successful and independent. She does accept men also into her program. I wholly recommend her as a person you would want to do business with. Her book, Social Marketing Superstars is a must read if you want to learn how to get the best of the Social Networking."

- Sharon Williams Founder and CEO of Taurus Marketing, an integrated PR and Marketing agency

Celebrity Fast Track LA1 Jovita Jenkins

Celebrity Fast Track LA Charlotte Sista C Ferrell

"Working with Cydney has been a joy. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise in business consulting, has seen my business take a quantum leap!"

- Bernie Griffiths, Director ASWPP Photographer, Author, Business Strategist Speaker

Andrew ChurchTestimonial

Patrick Hunter Testimonial

"The writing is the easy part of every book; It's the marketing that can be a proverbial minefield! I am grateful to Cydney for taking me by the hand and making the marketing of my book a walk in the park. Giving me the confidence that I needed, she has helped me to work with my strengths and opened up a world of possibilities for me. Thank you, Cydney! I'd recommend you to any budding author."

- Victoria Ugarte Travel Writer, Corporate Culture Specialist & Best Selling Author

Anne McKeown Testimonial

Steve Scarnie Testimonial

"Cydney's sincere desire to help me achieve the goals I have set has created amazing momentum in my life. Her enthusiasm, intelligence and empathy create a platform for me to keep moving forward with my business thus I would not hesitate to recommend her and her team. Cydney, genuinely cares about my success and no matter where she is in the world I know I can email her and she responds! I never feel alone when working with her. It is as if she is my "virtual business partner". If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Cydney and her team, do not hesitate."

- Danielle Venter Author & Founder of Connectivity Selling

Gabriella Kovac Testimonial


"When I saw the title, even before reading the book, my reaction was: Wow! Who else could have done it if not Cydney?! She truly is the most innovative, inspirational and adventurous writer, speaker and promoter with no comparison around.
In my personal experience, Cydney has helped me so much with creating, editing and making my book possible to come out and being published and getting my Bestseller #1 on Amazon in one month since being released.
I am 78 years old, a health and wellness professional sharing my knowledge and ample scope of experience in my book “The Lukin Longevity System”.
However, to convert that knowledge and practice into a book would not have been possible without Cydney and her team.
This is my chance to say Thank you to them one more time. Congratulations on another great book Cydney, and I am sure many more will follow. "

- Natasha Lukin #1 Best Selling Author The Lukin Longevity System

"I have known Cydney for a few years and in that time I have found her to be a woman of true integrity, who is ready to do everything humanly possible to make your book a success. She works long and hard on your success.

She even has more faith in others than many have in themselves. If others in the market place could be as honest and true as Cydney, the world would be a better place to live.
I am blessed to be a part of her wide client base. Thank you Cydney."

- Carole Stokes, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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