We Make Publishing Easy

With our help, you’ll skip the painful, time-consuming publishing process and fast-track your learning curve.

But this goes far beyond just a publishing service:

It’s really about developing your career, building your authority and creating a personal branding tool that positions your expertise for years to come.

We turn your experience into a message that helps you truly stand out from the crowd.

...And we can make all of this happen within a matter of months.


Celebrity Blueprint Author, Publishing and Promotions Program

The Celebrity Blueprint Author Fast Track program is designed for executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, coaches, CEO’s and leaders who recognise that writing a book can enhance their authority and status in their marketplace, and to promote and grow their business and brand.

This Authority Fast Track Program takes you step-by-step through the book writing process with me, Cydney O’Sullivan, 16 times Best Selling Author, and my certified coaching team.  We make it fast, easy, and create books of the most professional quality.

Whether you already have a book written, or need our help to plan and write it to align with your goals, we can personally guide you to success, to help you share your story and expertise.

Experience the incredible impact that a well-written and professionally promoted book can add for a professional in a leadership role to expand your business and reach. We can help you create highly profitable products and training programs as well as services that can be promoted to a much wider market while writing and publishing your book.

Our team will support you through the complete topic selection, book writing, publishing and marketing process. Our highly professional team can even assist you with the development of your own training programs beyond the book, and the marketing systems to sell them.

The Celebrity Blueprint Author Fast Track is comprised of the following components:

  • Authoring Blueprint:  A complete system that guides you step-by-step through the planning and book writing process.

  • Includes: step-by-step planners and proprietary worksheets designed and proven to clarify your vision, reduce overwhelm and structure your book for success

  • Cydney O’Sullivan’s “Your Million Dollar Message” best selling book

  • Author’s Coaching Program:  Work directly with me, Cydney O’Sullivan, and my team, to create your book:  (1) Book Clarity Worksheet, structures your book; (2) Goal Clarification Process, (3) The Business Beyond The BookTM planning process.  We will work on these together during our coaching sessions.  We work together on your book via webinar (and the sessions are recorded).  The transcripts from these recordings easily become your manuscript, which is then professionally edited making the process fast and easy for you.  You can review your manuscript and make changes, before our designers transform it into an elegant, professional book you can be very proud of.
  • Celebrity Blueprint Membership Site:  Full access to the Author’s mentoring program where I share hours of insights and advice, share interviews with other relevant experts on subjects such as attracting media, sponsors, marketing, as well as all the forms, templates, instructions and guides to get your book written and promoted.

  • Authoring Mastermind Sessions:  Training and Q&A Sessions on The Business Beyond The BookTM:  How to use your book to create Persuasive Presentations, Training programs, and products such as Workbooks and Mentoring Programs, grow your business, marketing and promoting your book, publishing, social media, publicity, branding, even selling your book to TV or the movies!    

Celebrity Blueprint Book Writing System

Step 1: Tools and Templates

The author receives the tools to prepare to create their book and business beyond the book :

  • Author’s System:  Your Million Dollar Message Book
  • Celebrity Blueprint Membership Site – Unlimited Full access
  • Author’s Coaching Program – 10 Sessions (Recorded Sessions Online)
  • Coaching session 1 - Setting goals and desired outcomes for the project
  • Coaching session 2 - Planning your ‘best selling’ book
  • Coaching session 3 - Talk out your book, chapters 1-3
  • Coaching session 4 - Talk out your book, chapters 4-6
  • Coaching session 5 - Talk out your book, last chapters, intro & dedications
  • Coaching session 6 - Ways to promote your book to ‘best seller’
  • Coaching session 7 - How to create persuasive presentations from your book
  • Coaching session 8 - Use your book to attract media and speaking opportunities
  • Coaching session 9 - How to set your book up as a marketing and lead generating tool
  • Coaching session 10 - How to run your own events and profit

Step 2: Prepare to Create Your Book

Author’s Coaching Program LIVE – 6 live private sessions with Certified Author’s Coach

  • Author’s Coaching Sessions:
  • Define and Clarify Vision, Outcome & Purpose for the Book or Book Series
  • Set milestones and schedule timelines
  • Set structure for the book
  • Preparation of Master Plan for your Book
  • Create Chapters, Subjects and Topics for the book
  • Continued Author’s Coaching Sessions (working to the approved Master Plan)
  • Coaching Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes, weekly or at Author’s convenience.
  • Review of your materials and feedback on your content throughout the program

Step 3: Record or Write Your Book

  • Talk your book with your Certified Author’s Coach via recorded online meeting
  • 2 Rounds of professional review and editing
  • Professional author bio written for you

Step 4:  Publishing

  • Your Author’s Program includes a beautiful book published by our award winning design team
  • Custom Book Cover (Front / Spine / Back) and 3D book image for your marketing
  • Interior Layout and Formatting
  • Preparation of electronic version for listing on Amazon
  • International Distribution via Ingram
  • Our professional copywriting team will write for you:
  • Press Release
  • Back cover copy written
  • Book description copy written
  • Sample endorsements/reviews for your book
  • Book promotion landing page copy
  • 5 emails to send to promote your book
  • Prepare multiple format versions of your book for Kindle, ibooks, Amazon and Ingram publishing
  • ISBN, LCCN, BISAC codes and Amazon Categories researched and provided by our team
  • Publishing via Ingram to 70+ Platforms & through Bookstores Worldwide(Amazon, B&N, etc)
  • 10 copies of the printed book
  • Publishing of Your Book to Amazon Kindle

Step 5:  Preparation of Landing Page & Author Facebook Page with 2,000 followers

  • We’ll create a Facebook Page featuring you or your book with 2,000 followers.
  • Preparation of Landing page and feature listing on our site CelebrityExperts.com to promote your book and position you as a Celebrity Expert, or you can choose to be featured on our BestSellerSuccess.com Author Site
  • Link to Blog, Articles, Video, Audio and/or downloadable files
  • Opt-in Box for subscribers to your mailing list
  • We’ll create a Video book trailer about your book for your Facebook and landing pages

Step 6:   Book Launch to our 200,000+ Social Media Followers and Subscribers

  • We’ll put your book launch on our promotions calendar and send out a dedicated email and social media promotion to our over 200,000 followers
  • Celebrity Expert Featured Author webinar interview promoted with your book launch
  • Press Release - Distribution to 1000+ major news sites, Featured on 200+ ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX & CW affiliate sites
  • Membership in our Facebook Groups with thousands of members and other authors to help promote your book and post reviews
  • We’ll create a Book Trailer Video for your Book Launch, websites and social media

Step 7:  The Business Beyond Your Book

Ongoing additional coaching sessions online to cover the topics listed below PLUS monthly LIVE Q&A Session with success experts.

  • Bonus trainings:
  • Marketing with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest
  • The Psychology of Brands
  • Planning A Successful Promotion
  • Using Guerrilla Publicity with best selling author Jill Lublin
  • Securing Corporate Sponsors
  • Getting Celebrity Endorsements & TV Exposure
  • Interview with Best Selling Author & TV Host Rachel D’Alto
  • Get Your Books Written In 5 Days!!
  • Interview with a VIP Literary Agent
  • Interview with a Publisher’s Agent
  • Interview with Best Selling Author Steve Olsher
  • Interview with Best Selling Author Michael Maher
  • Set Up A Content Creation Machine
  • Create Audio Products To Make Money While You Write Your Book
  • Get More Clients, More Fun, and More Money!

STRATEGY SESSION with Cydney and her team to design your Business Beyond the Book

The Business Beyond Your Book Coaching Sessions

  • (Training Programs / Marketing / Promotion / Speaking Success / Social Media / Consulting)
  • Live Monthly Q&A Sessions with Cydney and Other Success Experts

BOOK LAUNCH & Author Promotion

  • Featured Author Landing Page for Book on our positioning sites Celebrity Experts or Best Seller Success to help build your online presence as a celebrity ‘best selling’ author
  • Press Release - Distribution to 1000+ major news sites, Featured on 200+ ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX & CW affiliate sites
  • Book Launch to our 200,000+ social media followers and email subscribers
  • Celebrity Expert Featured Author webinar interview promoted with your book launch
  • Facebook author Page created for your book with ad campaign to attract 2,000+ followers
  • Book Trailer Video for your launch, websites and social media
  • Publishing Award Certificate and membership in the Best Selling Authors Academy

Program Investment:

$25,000.00   (Includes all deliverables named above) Financing Available

Note:  We reserve the right to add $1500.00 premium for English as secondary language review & editing

Optional:  Live private Mentoring and Planning Day with Cydney - $2500