Motivational Speakers America

The Indispensable Guide to America's Business and Motivational Speakers
Authors: Cydney O’Sullivan, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and others

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Motivational Speakers America

There are a lot of books about how to be a great motivational speaker, but nothing like this book that showcases international public speakers on a mission to create more success for more people every day. Great books work on many levels – and that is true of the Motivational Speakers book series. Learn more about enormously successful motivational speakers, such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Allan Pease, Armand Morin and world champions like Robby Foldvari. Motivational speaking is not just about financial success. A truly great Motivational speaker encourages you to reach your full psychological and economic potential. The keynote speakers in Motivational Speakers America range the spectrum from giving excellent business advice, inspiration for living well, and practical, actionable advice on performance for success.

Every one of today's motivational masters was once an unknown, struggling to develop their careers while engaging in challenging, time-consuming research and study of the motivational superstars that inspired them. Read this book, learn their secrets, and use these lessons to reach your fullest potential. Are you a Motivational or Keynote Speaker, interested in learning from and being inspired by the best in the industry? Do you run events and want to save time and energy and find great keynote or motivational speakers for your meetings, functions and team trainings? As a full-service Speakers Agency Expert Speakers Success Network has put together this collection of talented speakers and trainers from America and around the world, for you to use as a handy reference and booking guide.

Motivational Speakers America represents many of the world’s top Keynote speakers, Motivational speakers, Health speakers and experts, Wealth and economics speakers, Business speakers and trainers, World-class athletes, Cultural Icons, Leadership, Communications, Relationships speakers and trainers, International World Champions, Innovation and Success speakers, Preeminent thought-leaders, Celebrities and Award Winners, and Best Selling Authors.
Many of them are featured in this book, enjoy their advice and stories and be inspired!

- Keynote speakers - Motivational speakers
- Health speakers and experts - Wealth and economics speakers
- Business speakers and trainers - World-class athletes
- Leadership, Communications, - Cultural Icons
- Relationships Speakers & trainers- International World Champions
- Innovation and Success speakers- Preeminent thought-leaders
- Celebrities and Award Winners - Best Selling Authors


Cydney O'Sullivan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, author and publisher. She is a caring mentor with 30 years experience building businesses. Through her training programs '' and '' she assists experts and business owners to build robust, profitable communities, and get clarity about their own marketing messages. As the founder of Millionaires Academy, she gets to indulge her passion for social media and working with some of the world's greatest marketers. She is very proud of the emails she gets from people who have used her books to improve their lives, and to improve their businesses. She loves to help other experts with their books and promotions and encourages others to find their powerful voice, because of the positive difference it has made in her life and for others.