How To Be Wealthy Now!

108 Fast Cash Solutions
Author: Cydney O’Sullivan

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How To Be Wealthy Now!

Looking for Quick Cash? Want to build your wealth? This book is not get rich quick, it's get rich SMART and forever! If you need FAST CASH - don't take a payday loan or spend a fortune on a Franchise before reading this book.

Here are just a few things you will learn:

  • Start businesses from your own every day talents;
  • Help others solve their problems to increase your profits;
  • Help businesses generate operating capital from their own equipment and inventory;
  • And much more!

This book has over 100 suggestions to improve your finances and shows how you can make tens of thousands more each year, simply by changing small things in your life or adding in a hobby business. In fact why not turn lots of your hobbies into cash cows?

This book has advice from people in all walks of life, from the most successful experts to others who have been at rock bottom and found a way back up!

Cydney O'Sullivan started working in the family business at 8 years old. She started her own first successful business at 16, which led to another 30 years alternating between corporate roles and building up or renovating small businesses for sale.

After a personal financial tragedy, where she almost lost everything, she rebuilt her career by focusing on helping others to achieve success.

Through her training programs '' and '' she assists experts and business owners to build robust, profitable enterprises, and get clarity about their own marketing messages.


Known as "The Millionaire Marketer"- Cydney O'Sullivan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, author and publisher. She is a caring mentor with 30 years experience building businesses. Through her training programs '' and '' she assists experts and business owners to build robust, profitable communities, and get clarity about their own marketing messages.

As founder of Millionaires Academy, she shares her passion for social media and working with some of the world's greatest marketers. She is very proud of the emails she gets from people who have used her book "How to Be Wealthy NOW! 108 Fast Cash Solutions" to improve their lives, and "Social Marketing Superstars, Social Media Mystery to Mastery in 30 Days" to improve their businesses. With her background of building businesses from start ups, she has partnered on many projects with other successful entrepreneurs and is featured in the following books: "Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed" and "Secrets of Stock Market Traders Exposed", by Dale Beaumont, "Wake Up Women, Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy!", The Wonderful Web Women "Gold Book 2011" and "Women On Top" by Terry M. Cooper & Sally Healey.

She is now working on many other book projects with other marketing experts and encourages others to find their powerful voice, because of the positive difference it has made in her life and for others. Using her extensive business knowledge and experience, her mission in life is to help others find their "inner millionaire" and build a nore financially secure future for themselves. As an enthusiastic Business Founder, Real Estate Investor and Stock Market Investor she has made millions and also made costly mistakes, often from taking direction from expensive 'experts'. This gives her a sympathetic insider position, as a caring mentor, to assist others in making the required steps toward their own success, avoiding the pitfalls and the costs of inexperience. Millionaires Academy is a safe haven where enthusiastic entrepreneurs can find guidance from high integrity, established mentors who are achieving extraordinary results in their areas of expertise. Cydney has aligned with some of the greatest business mentors in the world in order to provide the best advice in a crowded marketplace.