The Fastest, Easiest Way to Becoming a

Apply to be one of the contributing authors in the new book series
featuring You on the cover

You’ll be contributing to charities to raise money for the important works that they do.

Includes a private 30 minute consultation with our team who can teach you how to quickly and easily write a great chapter…one that speaks from your heart, with your message.

You will have a custom cover with your image and name as the main author

Our professional editors will give your chapter the once over and tidy it up, and make suggestions if necessary.

Your image and concise bio page introduce you before your chapter

The book will be listed on Amazon in print and Kindle formats

You will be given 100 printed copies of the book. Cartage is additional and you will have the opportunity to order more printed copies before we go to print.

We will give you a Digital Version of Your Book, Book Cover and Chapter, for your own promotions, to sell, or giveaway.

We will give you access to trainings to show you how to use your book to grow your business

Includes a ticket to our upcoming Training Workshop and a Professional Photographer will be there, this will include 1 year Gold Status access so your tickets are free to our trainings.

Multiple promotions to our combined Audiences and Databases of over 250,000 (valued at more than $5000)




You will be interviewed for our Youtube Channel “Celebrity Experts” program …guaranteed.

The edited interview will be featured on our directory website along with your photo and expert description.

You can send clients and prospects the link to listen to you, or you can add it to your own website, social media and your introduction kit. You will have access to and permission to use the site’s logo and will now be able to boast as ‘to seen on Celebrity Experts’

Plus 2 other online media opportunities.

You have 12 months membership to our Celebrity Club and online training’s and book marketing strategies to leverage your book and your media appearances to increase your visibility and credibility, and lead conversion.

A ticket to our Training Workshops featuring 2 days of workshopping and where a professional photographer will be there for you.

We will create a simple yet powerful Show Reel featuring your book, your media and your photos.




We’ve almost kept the best till last……

As a Best Selling Author, you will be inducted into the National Best Selling Authors Association’

1 ticket to the two day Celebrity Fast Track Summit, and the fabulous Golden Gala Red Carpet Awards in Sydney where you will be presented with your award that will be with you a lifetime

You will be filmed on stage being presented with your golden best selling author’s award. You will have this footage to use as you wish, on your website, social media, even part of your sizzle video

Adding all this up, it is worth more than $22,000, so come and join as an expert, and best selling author.