Winning The Wealth Game

By Protecting Your Assets
Author: Mark Robinson

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Winning The Wealth Game

Asset protection, personal finance and wealth management can be so confusing. So many books on wealth accumulation and protection guide you through the steps to build your wealth, but few will tell you how to KEEP IT!

This book will help you navigate through the complexities of personal finance management. Learn how the rich manage their finances and protect their assets, especially in the Australian business environment. Mark Robinson is one of Australia's foremost financial advisers and he has written the book series Winning The Wealth Game to help people just like you better manage and protect your financial future.

This book has been written for those who feel they don't have the right information to help them become wealthy and for those who are concerned about the many potential threats to their wealth.

Winning the Wealth Game by Protecting Your Assets will serve you well as a resource for your wealth management plan, arming you with the knowledge and resources you need to build your wealth and protect your assets - the right way!