Winning The Game of Share Trading

How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Sooner Than You Think Possible With Share Investment
Author: Claus Gerling PhD

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Winning The Game of Share Trading

Get ready to learn how to use shares to reach financial independence and a comfortable retirement from veteran investor Claus Gerling.

We all want financial freedom. We achieve financial independence if our passive, non-exertion (investment) income meets or exceeds our living expenses. When we reach this goalpost in life, we don't have to work anymore and can financially afford to only work because we want to, not because we have to. This allows us an enormous amount of freedom and choice, being able to live life on our own terms. It's probably one of the most satisfying aspects of a well-lived life. Yes, there's more to life than money - relationships and health are equally important - but it's much easier to maintain good health and a satisfying relationship if your finances are sorted.


Claus Gerling After studying business and finance in Germany, France and the USA, obtaining an MBA and PhD in finance, Claus worked as an institutional stockbroker in London and Paris before relocating to Australia in 1996. Claus is passionate about trading and investing and advising clients in shares and derivatives. With his education programmes, Claus helps his clients take control of their financial future through the application of sound investment strategies.