The World’s Greatest Speakers

Insider Secrets on How to Engage and Move Your Audience to Action
Author: Maria Lynn Johnson

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The World’s Greatest Speakers

Want to build your business or career? Need more confidence when speaking in front of others? Speaking is the fastest way to get exposure and build credibility. It’s how every great movement began. To influence and connect with others, inspire change, and build your business, it is critical to speak authentically and confidently in front of groups. Whether on a stage, in a conference room, or over the internet, with this book you now have all the elements you need to become a great speaker. Through her personal interviews, Maria Lynn Johnson has masterfully captured the exclusive insights, first-hand experiences, and detailed advice of 20 world class speakers into one power-packed book. No other book has captured so many first hand experiences and advice, in such an intimate and powerful way. The World’s Greatest Speakers will teach you how to develop your speaking skills and build your speaking business, so you can get out there and make a positive impact in the world.


MARIA LYNN JOHNSON is a speaker, trainer, and business communication coach. For over 20 years, Maria held leadership roles in training, change management, and performance coaching in Fortune 500 corporations. She is also an adjunct university instructor and has a master’s degree in Human Resource Development. Maria gave up her corporate job to follow her passion of helping entrepreneurs and leaders reach higher levels of success through effective speaking. With her unique blend of business experience and the ability to entertain an audience, she's a highly sought after speaker, trainer and coach. Maria lives in Minneapolis, MN with her daughter Hailey, and son Parker.