The Expert Code

The Sure-Fire Way To Build A Memorable Brand While Monetizing Your Expertise In The Process
Author: Justin Burns

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The Expert Code

What if you could take the knowledge in your head and turn it into an empire that allows you to have more time, money and freedom to spend with people who matter the most?

This book isn't hype but theory on how you can use the internet to grow your expert empire. Your message that you have inside of you deserves to be monetized in the right way.

  • The Expert Code is all about tapping into the right message and monetizing it in the proper way.
  • The Expert Code will show you how to find your tribe and attract them into your circle.
  • The Expert Code will show you how to set up your online marketing systems to nurture prospects in the proper way.
  • You deserve to share your message with the world, and this book will help you.

"Justin Burns knows the Expert Code better than anybody I know. He has been the insider secret weapon for the launches of many of my internet marketing superstar friends and peers. He has now shared his insider secrets. I highly recommend this book to help you master marketing online. Justin Burns did a fantastic job! This is the handbook every business owner and online marketer should have at their side every day. This book provides foundational advice and strategies to implement and revisit for every campaign."

"Justin Burns is the insider secret strategist behind a lot of the biggest names in online sales, and in this book he gives away his foundational secrets, and that alone makes it worth the money! Justin is the real deal and has helped so many people to succeed online, and what is good about this book is that you get an insight into exactly HOW he has helped them. This is a very good read that provides a lot of value, in fact this book should be by your side every time you design a campaign and everyone on your team should have a copy. There are strategies in this book that can put cash in your business ranging from first campaign advice to advanced leveraged growth and enhanced profitability, that every business should implement. Plus, Justin is offering bonus trainings on his website. Buy this book, implement it, and watch your business grow!"

"This book is great for the small business owner who needs to develop an online presence and sales strategy, but who lacks the luxury of an in-house marketing department. From converting browsers into customers (and ultimately brand advocates) Justin lays it all out in a way that’s easy to follow and implement. A great resource! I love this book because it has been written in a sequential manner to explain exactly how to plan effective marketing, and the website offers plenty of tutorials to learn more. I would recommend this book for anybody who wants to start their marketing execution with a strong foundation for success from a marketer who’s made all the mistakes and now walks his talk."