The BSG Sales Leadership: Success Advice From A Billion-Dollar Sales Professional

The BSG Sales Leadership
Author: Brook Picken

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The BSG Sales Leadership: Success Advice From A Billion-Dollar Sales Professional

Success Advice from a Billion-Dollar Sales Professional

The tools you need for successful business sales 

Meet the Billion Dollar Sales Guy…

Brook Picken is not just any old sales guy; he’s the ‘Billion Dollar Sales Guy’. The man who, within 18 months, made over US$1bn placing him in the top 1% of salespeople in the world.  Not only that, his expertise made one organisation profits of over $5,000,000, he established one of Australia’s leading off-road car hire businesses and was instrumental in developing the marketing strategy that elevated XXXX Gold to the number one beer in Australia.

As an expert in business mentoring, Brook Picken has appeared in books alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as authoring the course ‘How to make anyone buy from you even if you hate selling.’ His latest work The BSG Sales Leadership - Success Advice from a Billion-Dollar Sales Professional is a must read for all business owners.

About The BSG Sales Leadership – Success Advice from a Billion-Dollar Sales Professional 

Tried and tested methods from the Billion Dollar Sales Guy…

Picken shows his tried and tested methods, the ones that he uses to generate millions of dollars in profit. He explains how to grow your business and increase opportunities to expand your company.

Why sponsorship?

Throughout the book, you’ll find examples of success and real experience, such as the fundamentals of strategic sponsorship.

Find out your customers’ pain points… and then do something about them…

Take the time and effort to identify and solve any pain points that your customers are experiencing. These are the minor (or not so minor) problems that stop customers from buying from you. Sometimes the pain point happens before they even know your company exists. His suggestions mean you will spend more time analysing your customers, speaking with potential customers and solving the problems affecting your sales.

Picken’s 5 step program to billion-dollar sales will help you to understand and identify your target market. The five steps are:

  1. Understand your market
  2. How to access decision makers
  3. Relationships that pay
  4. Asking for business
  5. Retain repeat business

From his own experience and success Brook Picken

  • Reveals his unique tips to access decision makers and avoid missing out on opportunities.
  • Explains how to harness and build on relationships that pay.
  • Reveals why it is never a bad thing to approach companies and ask for business.
  • Shares methods to help you fully understand the market you’re in and your particular niche market.
  • How to define your market in seven steps
  • Shows how to evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and how to use this information to improve your own situation.

Picken’s experience and knowledge mean that he can share his insight with some surprising and unusual tips – including his unique, pre-meeting workout.

Incorporate networking and branding skills into your marketing – whether it be on a business or personal level. Add some of Picken’s simple but effective methods to create impact with business associates and their colleagues and families.

As the Billion Dollar Sales Guy, Picken knows that sales success is reliant on using a multitude of ‘tools’. These tools being a collection of marketing strategies that you will learn while reading The BSG Sales Leadership - Success Advice from a Billion-Dollar Sales Professional.