Some of Our Success Stories

Natasha Lukin

#1 International Best Selling Book

Natasha Lukin achieved her dream of becoming a best selling author at 78 years old!

“Cydney is the most innovative, inspirational and adventurous writer, speaker and promoter with no comparison around.

In my personal experience, Cydney has helped me so much with creating, editing and making my book possible to come out and being published and getting my Bestseller #1 on Amazon in one month since being released.

I am 78 years old, a health and wellness professional sharing my knowledge andample scope of experience in my book “The Lukin Longevity System”.

However, to convert that knowledge and practice into a book would not have been possible without Cydney and her team.

This is my chance to say Thank you to them one more time. Congratulations on another great book Cydney, and I am sure many more will follow.