30 Days To Online Success

The coaching program to help you realize, renew and revitalize your life

Author: Luisa Aiasecca
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30 Days To Online Success

The coaching program to help you realize, renew and revitalize your life


Luisa Aiasecca has already helped hundreds of people renew and revitalize their lives through her coaching program. Changing your life, so it is lived on purpose and with purpose is not easy, in fact, despite the simplicity of her plans, the work involved along the way is emotionally testing, challenging and there might well be times when you will feel like giving in. However, those that persevere, will be rewarded with countless personal benefits. 

Achieving a life full of purpose is made all the easier with the support of a life coach who has been through the program and felt every test and every challenge. Yes, there were times that she felt like giving in! Luisa has helped herself and others to redirect the focus of their lives, to shift their perspectives and start out afresh on a new life path, regardless of how far along the old one they were. 
Rediscover Freedom (that long forgotten feeling)

In A Soul On Purpose, you will reclaim a sense of freedom experienced so rarely or so long ago, that you have probably forgotten how it feels. Hundreds of people have already felt the exhilarating release and awakening of following Luisa Aiasecca’s coaching program. Now it’s your turn… 

Using her experience as a life coach, Luisa Aiasecca will expertly guide you over emotional mountains and through the precipices of honesty and truth. Luisa’s exercises, crafted over her years as a life coach, will help you: 

•    Examine your life
•    Discover who you are
•    Define and overcome the things that stand in your way
•    Create an action plan to thrive
•    Develop and sustain your dream life
•    Craft and understand your unique self-care inventory
•    Realize, Renew and Revitalize your life

Luisa’s book begins by questioning your core goals and motivations in life. She asks her readers to identify what they want, why they want it and what’s stopping them from achieving these goals. As the book progresses, readers build upon their self-discovery through exercises, resources and explanation. 

You will discover…

•    Who you are is more important than what you do
•    Why you should take time out to examine our lives
•    How to create an action plan to thrive
•    Methods to create and sustain your dream life
•    Why gratitude is key
•    What’s blocking your gowth and how to overcome it
•    How self-care is a priority 

By the end of A Soul on Purpose, there’ll be no more hiding in the shadows or putting your goals and desires on the backburner. Instead, you will recapture the freedom you had long forgotten. Join the hundreds of others who are already A Soul On Purpose…