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Celebrity Showcase Speaker Training Program and Bootcamps

  • History shows us that it has always been story that has informed, influenced and transformed us.
  • Stories are our greatest trump card. The greatest leaders in the world are learning how to share stories more powerfully.
  • We are going to see something that we have never seen before. Marketing will solely become stories. They will be shorter, faster & more easily understandable. The winners will be those who are showing the most powerful story, the story that evokes the most amount of emotion in the shortest possible time.
  • It's not just about telling a story and informing your clients. It is about the emotion you evoke in your audience. The visual qualities of story and showing why the story is relevant is the way to stand out. The next 3 years will shape the way we communicate for the next 30 years.
  • The more experiential experiences and emotional connection that we can orchestrate with every touch point will be the defining moment in our value proposition. It is up to us leaders to be at the forefront of global connectivity through sharing and showing stories more powerfully to emotionally connect.
  • Telling stories in a compelling way as a speaker combines experiential and transformative learning within an immersive environment. Our Celebrity Showcase Speaker Training program is designed to give participants an understanding of the speaking industry and what it takes to be a professional speaker whilst providing practical tips on how to create, design and architect their own speaking business.
  • Whether you are a professional who wants to speak at your industry conferences and events, a thought leader or expert who wants to position yourself as the authority in your field, or in transition with a story to share and want to learn how, our program provide the tools and systems needed to fast-track your message to the world in a commercially viable way.
  • Delivered over 12 weeks of boot camps and online trainings.
  • Trainings also stored in a members area online to do on your schedule


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