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Celebrity Fast Track Workshop

Would you like to have more TIME, more MONEY, more FREEDOM to do what you want? Whenever you want? With whom YOU want? How would you like to be taken more seriously, double your fees and be rewarded for your lifetime of experience?

Why You Want To Be At This Workshop

  • The best and most effective Marketing and Branding strategies on a budget
  • Discover the simple, easy and quick ways to write a book (even if you hate writing or failed English at school)
  • A step-by-step system to create multiple income streams that could set you up for life! (You’ll never think the same again)
  • Why your new “back end” will be the most profitable part of every sale. This will be the quickest and most fun “warp speed education” on multiplying your income you’ll ever get!
  • How to grow your business and brand through both Online and Offline strategies
  • How to master YouTube and Facebook to attract new customers
  • How to create your own perfect follow on products over a short weekend… So you can start earning even if you don’t have a real business or anything to sell yet!
  • The secret “position boosting” technique that’ll make you an instant expert and authority in your niche… Literally overnight!
  • Proven (and secret) layout formula that’ll turn your book into a lead generating machine – I’ll show you how I have generated over $300,000 in revenue from a digital book
  • Proven system for finally getting clarity over your signature message to develop your book and product series
  • We’ll map out your book! … your chapter titles, back cover and I’ll share my professional book template developed over years of publishing best selling books.
  • Learn my system for how to get Celebrity endorsements from major movie stars, high profile business people, thought leaders, authors and media celebrities.
  • How to create thousands of dollars of free publicity for your book and personal brand… Sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  • How to Leverage your book to boost your career as a speaker, trainer or consultant.

($2497 value)

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