Food Is Overrated

The Love Affair With Food Is Over
Author: Stephen Jobe

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Food Is Overrated

Overrated - The Love Affair With Food Is Over – A Simple Book For A Simple Solution

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It’s the ‘feel good’ break-up book! Join Stephen Jobe on the food and diet revolution that will see you lose weight and keep it off...

Maybe you, or someone you know, is like Stephen Jobe? His love affair with food was one-sided. He loved food, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. In fact, his obsession with food and eating left him overweight, insecure and worried for his health.

Unhappy in body and spirit, Stephen, like so many, was waiting for the ‘miracle diet’ to come along. You know the one, the eating regime that promises to help you lose weight and keep it off. For ever.

His continual search to find the answers led him fullcircle. Astonishingly, he found he was the one holding the answers all along. In a lightbulb moment, he made the changes he needed to end his bad relationship with food. How?

In Overrated The Love Affair With Food Is Over, Stephen Jobe explains how he redirected his thinking processes and reassessed his relationship with food. Achieving a new way of thinking about food freed him from years of overeating slavery.

In the Love Affair With Food Is Over, Stephen Jobe shows you:

  • How diets fail. He reveals that 95% of people who lose weight by following ‘miracle’ or conventional diets end up putting the same amount, if not more, back on.
  • How Overrated puts you in the driving seat. How to get into the right ‘mind space’ before you contemplate starting a diet.
  • How to create new neurological pathways that divert you from your habitual thought processes about food. Newways of thinking create channels that breaks bad habits and focus thought processes throughout every stage of pre, during and post eating.
  • How overeating happens before food has even had the chance to enter your mouth. Stephen shows you how to map your head-to-heart-to-mouth processes to understand your eating habits.
  • How you rate food and how you OVERRATE it. Time and time again.
  • How to judge and analyse the food you eat both before, during and after you’ve eaten it to keep your eating under control.
  • How to stop thinking about food ALL THE TIME. If you can put an end to the time you spend thinking about food, you can prevent it from ending up in your mouth.
  • How implementing elements of fasting for whole days or even hours can help you improve your health and to lose weight.
  • How implementing a ‘cheat day’ when you are trying to break habits can be a freeing tool. And, how eventually, your cheat days will be healthier than any of your current healthy ones.
  • How it’s alright to be hungry. This means no more rushing to the fridge at the sound of a rumbling stomach.
  • How to create your unique weight range that gives you some degree of flexibility but keeps you on track. Jobe also suggests how these weight ranges can alter over time.
  • How to rate your love affair with food. Discover where you sit in Stephen’s easy to use quiz.
  • Where has Stephen Jobe, the quiet achiever got? Two and half years after losing nearly 60 pounds Stephen Jobe is the proven, exception to the dieter’s conundrum. Rather than put the weight he lost back on, he continues to lose weight, keep it off and live a life where he is in control.

    No more overeating. No more feeling out of control. Just simple steps to help you lose weight and keep it off!


    Stephen Jobe Stephen’s book doesn’t eliminate, limit or count calories. Instead, he embraces a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) attitude showing his readers how they think about food and what they can do to change it. By implementing new thought patterns, you can change your relationship with food forever and start the journey towards weight loss and happiness.