Find Your Zero: The Complete Money Management Program

The Complete Money Management Program

Author: Belinda Mangani
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Find Your Zero: The Complete Money Management Program

“Life is like a kaleidoscope. With every move and turn the outcome changes.” – Belinda Mangani

Find Your Zero™ was created with a double meaning in mind. It’s not just about finding the point where you break even with your money (that’s the easy part). What’s equally – if not more valuable – is finding your own personal zero. This is the point where you are happy in your own skin, you feel like life is wonderful and you have the perfect balance in all aspects of your life, including your money.

Life as we know it is a constant balancing act and so it’s vitally important to get the balance just right. It’s crucial for you to also understand the true context in which the word zero is used throughout this book.  Zero represents perfect balance. In your money, this means finding the exact amount you earn and spend.

In our busy lives, we’re constantly juggling money, family and work, often unknowingly compromising what really matters and in the process often losing ourselves amongst all the daily rituals.

Find Your Zero™ will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to manage your money effectively whilst also helping you to find and develop your true sense of self. You’ll gain both financial and personal growth, designed perfectly to guide you carefully through the steps necessary. And the real hidden gem is that in doing so you will reap the personal rewards of achieving wellbeing.

We don’t often associate the definition of wellbeing as being either directly or even indirectly connected to good money management, but the two interlink more than we care to realize. Creating and maintaining balance can be extremely difficult to achieve, especially in a world driven by money.

Find Your Zero™is an awakening of self. A time for reflection, honesty and finally being truthful to whom you really are. Acknowledging what and who you should be is a vital component. If you fully allow yourself to participate, it will be enlightening and invigorating. Discovering the ultimate skill of self-forgiveness is both empowering and life changing.


“Jacqui and I went through Belinda’s ‘Find Your Zero’ program and finally the penny dropped. You can’t spend more than you earn! This sounds so simple but when you are not really in control of how you spend and you can’t work out why you’re not getting ahead, it’s because money is controlling you. Belinda’s simple step-by-step program digs deep into the real situation with your money and puts you back into control. We all have dreams about what we want to do in life. Belinda’s ‘Find Your Zero’ program is the place to start to turn dreams into a reality.”

Paul Thomson, Head of Social Responsibility at The Creative Works

“I have had the pleasure of having Belinda work alongside my husband and I to help us to create a future that is full of hope and promise. Belinda’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious, her mentorship is invaluable and she has kept us accountable for the changes she recommended. I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed, and now have a tremendous feeling of excitement about what kind of future we can create for our family.”

Sarah, Newport

“Six years ago, I was looking to buy my first home, but I had a seriously maxed-out credit card, an inherited debt from a failed marriage, and regardless of the money I was earning I could not manage to save anything.A friend recommended that I give Belinda a call and I have never looked back! I was able to get my first mortgage within three months, without needing a guarantor or needing to give up the things I loved! I was over the moon.”

Claire and Sean, Upper Ferntree Gully

 “I would have lost my house if it had not been for Belinda! I look back now (five years later) and I am amazed how Belinda saved me from financial disaster. I was in an almostimpossible predicament. Nowadays, I have a mortgage the size of the average car loan. I can’t recommend Belinda highly enough!”

– Sue, Williamstown


Belinda Mangani

In March 2004 with three children aged under 5 Belinda’s passion was ignited when she became an Accredited Mortgage Broker. Her vision was to help eliminate mortgage stress and frustration arising from what she believed to be a lack of understanding and loan management skills and hence her company name “Building Blocks for the Future” was borne, representing perfectly what she wanted to create for her clients “a stable money foundation”

Although Belinda holds both a Cert IV and Diploma in Mortgage Broking she firmly believes that it is her own personal money goals and self taught loan management skills and expertise that she shares here with you today that allowed her and her husband to realise their own dreams of reducing and eliminating their home loan in under 4 years proving that earning only modest incomes anything is possible armed with the right skills.

Perfectly suited to both First Home Buyers and existing mortgage holders alike this book is designed not to make Lender or interest rate recommendations but rather to guide and assist you through the mine fields of advertising and help you in choosing the right type of home loan specifically for your individual needs.