Beware of Friendly Danger

The Story of a Cult of Horror Survivor
Author: Günther Frantz

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Beware of Friendly Danger

You’ve lived for over 20 years at the mercy of your abuser. Do you give in? Or dig deep and find the courage to fight back? When Günther Frantz met Pentecostal Pastor Anthony Scott Williams at his local swimming pool, he had no way of knowing he was about to become his victim. A victim of nearly 30 years.

Frantz’s memoir details the horrific treatment he and thousands of others endured at one man’s hands and how, despite everything, he found the fortitude to survive and the resilience to reclaim his life. Let his story help you find a better future…

How does a child end up in a cult? In what reads like fiction, Frantz reveals how Scott entrapped thousands of victims with his twisted version of religious doctrine - extracting finances, heart and soul from his followers. Regular and seemingly harmless meetings built on his victims’ vulnerabilities - reducing them to a zombie-like state...

A life as near slaves: Looking back on his life with the PCC, Frantz is as astonished as his reader at how it all played out. How did he and other followers let their abuser treat them this way? Apologetic and often dismayed, Frantz reveals how his manipulator instilled the fear of damnation into his flock, leaving them to live in poverty whilst building their leader’s multi-million-dollar homes.

How did one man have such a hold over thousands, extracting their income, family time and their freedom? Frantz reveals all.

Sexual abuse of children and adults: From the age of 11, Scott groomed Frantz to be his 'special assistant'. Despite his objections and feeling sickened, Frantz was powerless to stop the abuse. Once married and with children, he thought the sexual abuse would end. Not so...

Fighting back. After decades of being his puppet, Frantz and two others heroically joined forces to confront Scott and question the values and intentions of the PCC and try to reclaim their lives. The story does not end there...

Finding bravery and hope where once there was fear, Frantz’s ultimate message gives strength to readers facing their own demons and battles. You have a life. Live it. Frantz is a survivor - so are you.


Gunther Frantz has lived through a life of challenges beyond what most people could endure and he has come out on the positive side because he learned through hard work and study to recondition his mind. He can help you do the same. Through the use of unconscious systems, he can help you achieve new results and greater success in every area of your life – personal and business. His story is one of a strong family foundation that turned sour when it should have soared through a love of God and family. He became part of cult Christian religious sect that should have elevated his life and that of his family, but instead he suffered twenty years of sexual and mental abuse. But now, looking back, perhaps it offered the lessons he needed to learn so that he can help others rid themselves of the negative emotions, the destructive mindset that we all encounter in our lives at one time or another. Do you want to change your life and results? Are you tired of not having achieved the successes you deserve? Are you aware of the negative conditioning that has kept you back? As a certified Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner and a graduate of a highly regarded Counselling Program; Gunther Frantz has developed proven techniques that have helped dozens of his clients turn their lives around and some have achieved greatness where there was only fear and devastation. Gunther Frantz is a Public Keynote Speaker, Business and Personal Breakthrough Coach and Author who is based in Perth, Western Australia. You can learn more about him and his incredible story on an ABC’s Four Corner’s documentary series which was originally televised on July 24th, 2014 or read his astonishing autobiography. Or visit