Author: Cydney O' Sullivan

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AUTHOR-IZE: The Speed Authoring System To Build Your Brand And Authority, Attract Quality Leads and Increase Your Income

How to Write A Book That Attracts Thousands of Customers and Generates Revenue Streams

Have you been thinking of writing a book? Now you can! And with this system you can write books FAST!…

In AUTHOR-IZE, you will discover the power that being an author brings. This book shows you how your book will: Deliver your business directly into the hands of your target audience Transform and boost you to in-demand industry expert Help thousands of people and create your legacy Increase your fees Multiply your revenue streams and so much more…

Inside, you’ll find methods and templates to make writing your books simple, easy and FAST (even if you find writing a challenge).

  • A step-by-step system to guide you through to a completed book
  • ‘Talking-out’ your book, so it flows conversationally
  • Writing a book that attracts your target audience
  • Choosing a magnetic title and sub-title
  • Using your “Author-ity” to become a sought after speaker or celebrity expert in the media…

PLUS, bonus chapters with multiple ways to use your book to attract media interviews, speaking opportunities, articles, blogs, webcasts, training programs, presentations and MORE books! There’s no time like the present. Write your book today!.