$100K Equity in 10 Weeks

How We Renovate for Profit and Fun
Author: Cath Slatyer

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$100K Equity in 10 Weeks
How we Renovate for Profit and Fun

If you’ve ever dreamt of pursuing a career in renovating properties, $100k equity in 10 weeks will confirm the reasons why you should. Cath and Steve take you on their journey from first-time renovators to their biggest earning flip.

How it started:

Cath and Steve loved home renovation shows, garden makeover programs and the thought of one-day ‘doing-up’ a place for profit. However, as we all know, there’s a difference between wanting to do something and doing it. The turning point came when Cath read the disheartening figures about retirement poverty. Not wanting to see themselves in that position was enough to spur Cath and Steve to buy their first investment property.

Like all good stories, along the way, events take twists and turns, but there’s always a positive: something new to learn. Even when their first property didn’t go according to plan all was not lost. In the renovation game, you need to think outside the box, something that they both have become adept. Oone of the things that Cath stands by is that to succeed; you need to pick properties that have the potential to have a ‘point of difference’ – of course, that difference might not be the same come to the end of the project!

Inside $100k equity in 10 weeks!

You’ll discover Cath’s Top 10 Tips for successful renovation projects, including:

  • Gold Tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls that other newbie renovators fall into
  • How to budget for buying and renovating
  • Learn about your market and what your buyers are looking for
  • Finding that ‘point of difference’
  • Handy building and renovation checklists
  • Example contact lists
  • Information that will give you a head start on your exciting and lucrative career.

As an info-packed insider’s guide to a career in property renovation, you can’t ask for more. $100k equity in 10 Weeks will help you avoid the many common pitfalls that new renovators often succumb and share tips and shortcuts so that you can make a career from doing what you love.

As a from-the-heart account, the emotional ups and downs are both entertaining and inspiring and will leave you questioning your future. Could this be your life-changing moment? Is your dream ready for reality?

Who will enjoy this book?
  • Those looking for money-making ideas
  • People wanting to change careers
  • Wannabe property renovators
  • People looking for insight into the property renovation business
  • Those who enjoy property reno and garden makeover shows and programs
  • House buyers
  • House sellers
  • Homeowners
  • Property companies looking for ‘outside the box’ ideas
  • Those who enjoy real-life stories with a rollercoaster plot
  • Couples wanting to work together on projects

Even if property renovation isn’t for you (and it isn’t for everyone), you cannot fail to be mesmerised by Cath and Steve’s positive attitude, resourcefulness and the sheer enjoyment of them doing something that they enjoy.
If Cath and Steve are thinking big – you can too. Read their book. Get inspired and get going!